M Food Souls


Some of you might have noticed this from the Summon Rates and wonder why are these M Food rates so special? Are they useful or what are they use for?

As you know, the UR Food Souls are the most powerful Food Souls in the game in terms of combat. As for the M Food Souls, they are the most powerful Restaurant Staffs in the game.

Certain Food Souls have an extra Restaurant Skill tab which gives them more “Freshness” (and other buffs) to work in the restaurant. There are also R Food Souls with Restaurant Skills but the M’s are the better.

Restaurant management is very important as it is your main source of income and Gold usage will start to increase once you hit level 30.

Food Soul Rarity Skill
Recommendate Role
Skewer M All the Rage
Ordering Expert
Swift Wind
Supervisor, Staff
Hawthorne Ball M Workout
Mastery Exp
Ordering Expert
Pancake M Workout
Loved by All
Gain Fame
Jello M Workout
Cooking Expert
Supervisor, Chef
Pudding M Workout
Good Appetite
Gain Fame
Popcorn M Workout
Loved by All
All the Rage
Sandwich M Workout
Loved by All
Top Service
Ume Ochazuke R Workout
Ordering Expert
Jiuniang R Workout
Ordering Expert
Omurice R Workout
Ordering Expert


Skills and Effect

Skill Name Effect
Workout Increase Freshness x
Ordering Expert Maximum number of Recipes that be sold in Restaurant is increased by x
Loved by All Increase amount of bonus Gold received by x
Mastery Exp Increase maximum amount of dishes the chef can prepare by x
Good Appetite Customer have x% chance to order another dish
Gain Fame Gain additional x fame when Customer leaves
Top Service Increase amount of additional Gold received by y by x%
All the Rage Increase customer flow by x/hr
Loveable Increase amount of bonus Gold received by x%
Cooking Expert Reduce time taken to prepare dish by x%
Swift Wind Reduce takeout timing by x%


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