Event – Happy Cheers!


Toso is here for the next 7 days!



For the next 7 days, UR Toso and SR Sweet Tofu will have their very own rate up banner. Do note that you can only pull them within this 7 days by Summons. Toso will no longer be available after this 7 days (until future events?) and Sweet Tofu can only be gotten through Airship (shards).

UR Toso is a Strength type character. Her Basic attack allows her to dispel enemy buffs while her skill attack allows her to put a DOT on the nearest target while increasing energy charge for all allies.

Her Link skill is an upgraded form of his Skill attack but will require Herbal Jelly (not released) in the party.

Happy Cheers is an event that rewards spending of your Crystals. You’ll need to spend about $800 USD worth of Crystals to obtain all rewards which includes a guaranteed Toso (check IAP guide).

Crystals Spend Items Cost in USD (Estimate)
1000 Intermediate Seasoning x 10
Gold x 100,000
Exquisite Bacon Bites x 10
3000 Toso Shard x 5
Appearance Voucher x 80
Exquisite Bacon Bites x 10
5000 Toso Shard x 5
Intermediate Seasoning x 10
Exquisite Bacon Bites x 10
10000 Toso Shard x 10
Spirit Reincarnator x 10
Exquisite Crab Sashimi x 15
15000 Toso Shard x 10
Appearance Voucher x 120
Random Purple Fallen Angel x 1
Fortune’s Brew (Frame)
20000 Toso Shard x 10
Intermediate Seasoning x 15
Exquisite Crab Sashimi x 15
30000 Toso Shard x 10
Random Purple Fallen Angel x 2
Gold x 300,000
Toso x 1



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