Threat Level ★★★★★
Purgatory Large damage to nearest target while dealing minor damage to other targets
Thunderwind Blade Greatly decrease all Food Souls damage. Dispel ASAP
Move Like Thunder Deal damage to all Food Souls and randomly stun 2 Food Souls
Nirvana Buff self with ATK/DEF/ASPD. Skill effect will increase
Recommended Food Souls
Food Souls Congee (Not released), Toso, Sanma
Fallen Angels Strength and Magic Food Souls to equip ATK type FA
Support Food Souls to equip ASPD type FA
Tanks to equip DEF type FA


Threat Level ★★★★★
Immune to normal attack
Large attack to nearest target
Gains Immunity (can dispel)
Fix Damage to all enemies with extra DOT damage. Cannot be cleanse. Damage increases as battle progress
Damage increase as battle progresses
Recommended Food Souls
Food Souls Cloud Tea, Sanma,
Fallen Angels Priority – HP and ASPD FA
Secondary – ATK FA


General Boss Strat

2 Healer 3 Attackers 

Healer – Stack Attack SPD on your Healers.
Primary – Sweet Tofu
Secondary – Miso Soup, Tang Yuan, Tiramisu, Cloud Tea (in order)

Your Best

1 Healer 4 Attackers

Healer – Sweet Tofu
Attacker – Your best

1 Tank 2 Attacker 2 Healer

Tank – Gingerbread, Gyoza, your best

Healer – Sweet Tofu, Tangyuan, your 2nd best

Attacker – Toso, Mooncake


Note: Guides are based on Chinese version and they have Food Souls that we do not have. I will edit accordingly to suit the global version after testing.