1. You can challenge Catacombs twice a day. 3 times if you have bought the Adventure Pack.
  2. You can bring a minimum of 5 Food Souls to a maximum of 10 for every challenge. You can only use the Food Souls you bring along for the round until you beat the Catacomb or quit.
  3. Orders and Exploration Food Souls can still be used in the Catacombs.

Setup Phase

  1. Before the start of every 5 levels, you will have a setup phase. Use this time to edit your team because you cannot change any of your Talents or team members once you start the battle
  2. Before selecting your party members, remember to check the type of Bosses you will face on the 4th and 5th stage. Also, you will need to take into account the Contract requirements you are going to challenge.
  3. Every 5 levels of the catacombs will ramp up in difficulty and there is a “required” base HP that you have to fulfill on your units or you’ll just get 1 shot by the final Boss.
  4. I will write a recommended Catacombs guide separately so stay tuned!


Completed Levels Sweep up to Level
10 5
20 10
30 15
35 20
40 25
45 30
50 35
55 40
60 45
65 50
70 55



Boss Difficulty Specialty Tips and Talents
Conchi ★★★☆☆ – High AOE DMG
– DMG increases over time
– Up Defense
– Seasoning
– Divine Seasoning

Easy Boss if you can out damage it before it’s DMG increases out of control.
If you lack the DMG to kill it fast, try raising your HP to tank more hits.

Queen Conch ★★★★☆ – High AOE DMG
– ATK back row
– DEF Break
– DMG increases over time
Amazake ★★★☆☆ – Self Heal
– Immunity
– Divine Seasoning
– Saucepan / Clean N Scrub

One of the easier Bosses.
Bring units with high ST DMG.

Aizen ★★★★☆ – Buff ATK
– Self Heal
– Immunity
Nekomata ★★★☆☆ – Attack random unit
– Ignore Def
Early Game:
– Seasoning
– Divine Seasoning

Late game:
– Zero Degrees
– Saucepan
Generally, you will want to out DPS the boss, Zero Degrees and Saucepan will require precise casting to interrupt the Boss’s DMG.

Inugami ★★★★☆ – High Skill DMG
– Beware of Charm, as you become more powerful, the chances of getting killed by own Food Soul becomes greater
Bulimia ★★★☆☆ – Healer type Boss
– Seasoning
– Divine Seasoning
Use Precise Seasoning if you don’t have enough points yet.
Uke Mochi ★★★★☆ – Random attack on healer
– AOE Dmg + Fear
Uke Mochi (enhanced) ★★★★★ – ATK speed
– AOE Burst DMG
Specter ★★★☆☆ – Heal
– Immune to Skill attack
– AOE Silence
– Clean N Scrub
– Divine Seasoning
Use Precise Seasoning if you don’t have enough points yet.
Spectra ★★★★☆ – Immune to normal attack
– High ST DMG with bind
– High AOE DMG
Prajna ★★★☆☆ – Confuse
– AOE attack
– Saucepan
– Zero Degrees

Take note of the Bosses skill animation and interrupt them with Saucepan.

Orochi ★★★★☆ – Confuse
– AOE attack
Tsuchigumo ★★★★★ – Berserk
– AOE Burst DMG